Covid-19 Information


DATE: March 14, 2020

RE:  Novel Corona Virus/COVID 19 – Preparedness

To be prepared for the possible disruption of our meetings due to the Corona Virus/COVID 19, we have established these guidelines. Please follow them to protect yourselves and others. 

1) If you are sick, or have symptoms of a cold or the flu, please stay home. Such symptoms include:

● Cough

● Fever

● Headache

● Difficulty breathing

● Runny noses

2) People are infectious prior to showing symptoms, so if you have been around someone who is sick, please stay home.                  3) Practices to protect yourself:

● Avoid contact with folks who display symptoms of the common cold or pneumonia (see above).

● Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

● Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, and scrub for at least 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday twice in your head, or recite the alphabet one letter per second).

● Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when possible (these may be sold out, but rubbing alcohol would work in a pinch, use the sanitizer if you can find it. Needs to be at least 60% or more alcohol based).

4) We will post on SMART Recovery Facebook page if the meeting will NOT be held. 

● See the SMART Recovery Facebook page for updates.

● There is contact information for us there also. 

● If the meeting has been placed on hiatus due to the crisis, online replacements during this period may be available. Check often.

5) Remember online meetings are available. 

● See

● You must register with SMART prior to attending a meeting.

● On the page referenced above, is a tab that allows you to register.